Collixir - collagen drink for good skin condition

Capacity: 100 g

  • firm, smooth, moisturised skin
  • reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • high quality fish collagen and coenzyme Q10
  • only 3 ingredients, no unnecessary additives


Collixir – collagen drink

Collixir contains marine collagen, vitamin C and coenzyme Q10. The interaction of these ingredients works to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, making the complexion smoother, firmer and more supple. Wrinkles become less visible, the skin tone improves, and you can enjoy a youthful appearance for longer! All this thanks to proven natural substances.


Fish collagen - more than 5 g per serving

Collagen is the main building block of the skin, produced by the body in decreasing amounts over time. It is due to this fact that the complexion looks worse and worse with age.

Collixir contains natural fish collagen in a high dose of over 5 grams per serving! The marine collagen is similar in structure to the human collagen. It is tasteless and odourless, so people who are not fond of fish can use it as well.


Vitamin C - more than 1050% of the daily requirement

Vitamin C performs many important functions for your skin. First, it has an antioxidant effect, meaning it helps fight free radicals. These are reactive forms of oxygen that contribute to the destruction of cells, including skin cells. Neutralising free radicals is one of the key ways to fight skin ageing. In addition, vitamin C takes care of the proper production of collagen in the body.


Coenzyme Q10 - 70 mg in a daily serving

As with collagen, its production declines with age. This substance is also known to be very effective in eliminating free radicals. Thus, it contributes to maintaining a youthful appearance for a longer period of time. In addition to its effect on the skin, coenzyme Q10 is also important for the human heart.


No unnecessary substances - only active ingredients

Collixir is collagen in the powder form. Thanks to this, the formula can be free of additives - colouring, fillers, preservatives, etc. Collixir has just 3 active ingredients focused on solving your problem.


Pleasant application

Collixir is a collagen drink, which means you can add the powder to your favourite beverage, or even to plain water. With Collixir, you don't have to worry about swallowing capsules or pills.


Directions for use

1 heaped scoop (7 g) once a day. Dissolve the powder in a glass of lukewarm water, juice or drink. You can also add it to a yoghurt or smoothie. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Dietary supplements should not be treated as substitutes of a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for your health. The recommended daily intake is the amount of product necessary to achieve the declared (beneficial) effects for your health. The product contains a high amount of vitamin C. Not recommended for people prone to the formation of kidney stones or those suffering from kidney stones.

Composition of Collixir

Active ingredients:

Content in 1 heaped scoop (7 g)


Marine fish collagen

5664 mg


Vitamin C

840 mg

1050 % 

Coenzyme Q10

70 mg


NRV* - percentage of the Nutrient Reference Value

Ingredients: collagen from the skins of marine fish, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10).

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