ÉleverLash is the avant garde among eyelash conditioners. The state-of-the-art formula, created on the basis of innovative laboratory research, allows for safe and effective lengthening, thickening and strengthening of eyelashes. Less than a minute every day is enough to enjoy the first results after just two weeks of home treatment.

Reviews KLIENTS (22)

In the past, I had no eyelashes at all. I used castor oil and other products, but whenever I stopped, my eyelashes would start to fall out again, and the effect would disappear, even if I missed just one day. This serum is lovely, really. My eyelashes have never had this long. I would recommend it to anyone and will definitely repurchase it.
The eyelash serum really works wonders! And most importantly, it doesn't cause allergies or swelling around my eyes.
I have been using this conditioner for years and would never exchange it for anything else. Good composition. My lashes are beautiful, long, and curled :) I recommended it to several friends, and none of them has ever been dissatisfied with this conditioner :)
I've used many conditioners, but this one is the most effective. I've bought it several times, and I'm always satisfied. I recommend it!
The conditioner has exceeded my expectations. So far, this is the only product whose effects are so noticeable. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone - it's not money poorly spent - the results are visible to the naked eye. So far, I have used one package, and the next one is ordered.
I have to admit that the conditioner really works. I have been using it for three months, and my lashes are beautiful.
It's amazing for me! I've used many different conditioners, but they could have been better. Most importantly, there's no breaking of the lashes during the break from using it. I highly recommend it.
Amazing product! I noticed the first effects after 2 weeks - some lashes were longer than the rest. After a month, I had a beautiful fan effect. My husband jokes that when I apply mascara, I look like I have my fake lashes on for special occasions... well, now I have special occasions every day :) I've finished the first box and plan to purchase another one!
The conditioner worked great on my lashes. After applying fake lashes, my natural ones were severely damaged, so I decided to try a conditioner, and I chose this one. I saw the effects after just one week of use. Now my lashes are long and thick. I will recommend it to anyone who has a problem with short and sparse lashes
Highly recommended. The product is efficient. My lashes are definitely longer, darker. They look fabulous with mascara on. After 2 months the effects are spectacular. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
The best conditioner I have ever used, and I have tested a lot of them.... The only one that didn’t make me allergic, my eyelashes are mile-long :) With regular use, one package lasts me about 4 months, so the price is very affordable. The effects are spectacular, I will definitely come back for more
Your loyal customer!
Hello, I would like to express my opinion about your eyelash serum, it is simply THE BEST! Thank you so much for creating this miracle, my lashes have really changed! I can no longer do without it, I really wanted to tell you about it because I am very satisfied, it’s rare that a product works for me!
I've been using the conditioner for many months. My friends ask if I have fake lashes, even though my natural ones are pretty short. The best among conditioners. The price is a bit high, and an additional discount for regular customers would be nice :)
Natura Teraz   Administrator
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Lengthens lashes. Immediate results, which last for a long time. You can take breaks or use it less frequently just to maintain the effect.
I’ve used various products to improve the condition of my eyelashes. This conditioner does the job. It is the best I have tested. Ever.
My ladies, this is the best eyelash product of all time. After taking off the falsies, my lashes were in a pitiful state. They are super short by nature. I’ve been using the conditioner for a month now and I’ve had such great results that I’m really amazed and happy. I’ve never had eyelashes like this.
I can recommend this conditioner with a clear conscience, it’s great :-)
Great product. I have been using it for 3 months now. I apply it every day. The effects are clearly visible. Highly recommended.
Very good product
This is my best conditioner. My eyelashes are so long that they almost touch my eyebrows. The conditioner is my No.1.
Kathy W
I’ve never had eyelashes like this in my life!!! I admit that after two months I gave up hope because the difference was barely visible, but I kept on using it and after 4 months the effect is WOW! When I put mascara, they look like falsies. Highly recommended.
I’ve been using the conditioner for three years now, my eyelashes are thick and long and they look healthy. I don’t need fake eyelashes and there is no need to put on several layers of mascara. In the meantime, I took a several months’ break and during this time my lashes maintained long, they just lost their density. After I started to use the conditioner again, they became thick and shiny again. If anyone wants to try a conditioner and can’t decide which brand to choose, I sincerely recommend this product.

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